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Discover A Mesmerizing Nature Landscape & Stunning Culture

Bed & Bike Pietermaai

Our original location in Pietermaai is perfectly situated for convenient access to many of the island’s most exciting cultural sites and nightlight hubs. Base here if you want to explore the heart of Curaçao and have an authentic, local experience.

Bed & Bike Jan Thiel Beach

Located a short jaunt away from one of the best stretches of beach on Curaçao, our Jan Thiel location is a great option for water babies, sun lovers, and anyone who enjoys lounging in the sand. With our fleet of city and mountain bikes, you are free to explore to your heart’s content, seeking out the most hopping beachfront nightlight or a quiet, empty stretch of sand for a private sunset picnic.

Bed & Bike Westpunt (Punta Kalki)

Bed and Bike Westpunt, located on the western tip of Curaçao, is tucked behind the brand new Playa Beach Club, which overlooks Punta Kalki—one of the island’s most picturesque coves. Whether you are looking to scuba dive and snorkel, sail, lounge at the pool bar, or dance till you drop, it’s all available here in Westpunt, only a short walk or bike ride away from our newest location.