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Hotel Facilities B&B Westpunt

The newest addition to the Bed & Bike Curaçao family, Bed and Bike Westpunt is conveniently located just inland of the island’s westernmost point, tucked behind the brand new Playa Beach Club. A short walk from the beautiful cove of Punta Kalki, this affordable hotel provides everything you need to enjoy your time on the coast.

Restaurants, cabanas, a pool, a gym, and a dancefloor are just some of the amenities available to hostel visitors at the nearby beach club. Meanwhile, the beach itself rests at the base of a picturesque cliff, waiting for you to visit by car, bike, or on foot. Whether you are getting to know fellow travelers while sharing a room or enjoying a quiet getaway by yourself or with loved ones, there’s nowhere better to enjoy the Curaçao vibes than at Punta Kalki.

The Bed & Bike Team are passionate about providing guests a cozy and eclectic place to stay whilediscovering this extraordinary island.Their goal is for guests to leave loving "Dushi Korsow"just as much as they do!